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On Your Radio Includes (optional items may be subject to additional costs)…
> Replace all wax/paper, electrolytic, out of tolerance capacitors
> Replace all out of tolerance resistors
> Replace all deteriorated wire (optionally with high voltage rated, vintage reproduction cloth covered wire where appropriate)
> Test all tubes
> Test electro-dynamic or permanent magnet speaker
> Repair ripped speaker cone or re-cone as needed (optional)
> Verify circuit against manufacture’s schematic (optionally restore to original engineered design and factory published revisions)
> Replace or rebuild other failed parts as needed
> Clean dial scale and repaint indicator
> Restring or replace dial cords
> Clean and lubricate all controls and tuning mechanisms
> Measure voltage and signal test points to verify proper and stable operation
> Calibrate and align for sensitive reception and accurate dial scale tracking
> Bench tested (burn-in) 40 hours or more to verify proper operation

On Your Cabinet Includes (optional items may be subject to additional costs)…
> Strip old finish treatments and dirt if needed (optional)
> Repair and/or minimize blemishes
> Glue and clamp to strengthen loose wood joints (optional)
> Apply new finish and/or conditioner (optional)
> Treat with rejuvenating Liquid Gold where appropriate
> Treat Bakelite with restorers (optional)
> Hand rub Paste Wax finish as appropriate (optional)
> Replace speaker grill cloth as needed (optional)
> Replace missing or damaged knobs (optional)

Points Of interest

  • I am afraid that from time to time cosmetic blemishes may be experienced on the chassis or the case of your vintage tube radio or amplifier for which we cannot be responsible.
  • Turn around time for the service on a vintage tube radio or amplifier is always dependent on the radio or amplifier and the service that the radio or amplifier may need. The service for a typical radio or amplifier can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks depending on the extent of the effort required to complete the repairs.
  • Prior to shipping your vintage tube radio or amplifier to us, send an email and we will reply with instructions on how to ship your radio(s) or amplifier(s); using a carrier you trust with adequate insurance.
  • Once we receive your radio(s) or amplifier(s), a final assessment of the repair needed is performed to ensure that the actual costs are in-line with the monies paid to date.  If the assessment of the service for the vintage tube radio or amplifier finds for the replacement of missing or damaged components – the costs associated with those components will be communicated back to you via email prior to any work starting on that radio.
  • If you have any questions please be sure to ask before you engage our service or place your bid.

Actual Costs and Returns

  • My standard cost to service and repair your vintage tube radio or amplifier is reflected in the price.
  • There are times, although rare, that the cost to service your radio or amplifier may exceed my standard cost.  This being the case, I will provide you with a detailed assessment of the services required and their associated costs to repair your vintage tube radio.
  • In the event that you elect not to service or repair your vintage tube radio or amplifier, you will receive a “store credit” less the minimal service cost in addition to the shipping/handling fees necessary to return your radio or amplifier back to you.


  • Customer pays actual insurance (optional), shipping and handling charges when shipping your vintage tube radio or amplifier to our shop and pays actual insurance (required), shipping and handling charges when we ship your radio or amplifier back to you.
  • We recommend that you ship your radio or amplifier via  USPS  only as we have found to be one of the most secure and safe ways to ship our radios and amplifiers.
  • We take special care in protecting your item as we handle and package it for final shipment, please do the same when shipping your clock to us.