Secrets In My Face


I have spent a lifetime raising the standards of excellence in my 40 year history of personal projects of crafting, repairing and building an assortment of clocks.  This book allows me the to share with you just a few of the ghostly enchantment’s occurring in my shop throughout the years.  I have learned to appreciate that there is much more to a clock other than the crafting, servicing and repairing.  Who could have imagined that in these activities,  ghostly enchantment’s would be a part of the clock’s history for years to come.

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One day, as I was attending to one of my many clocks in the shop, A young lady walked in, carrying with her what appeared to be some old wooded slates.  As she approached the counter, carefully placing each slat on the counter, with a patient breath, she introduced herself as Mary.  I greeted her and ask what was it she was needing, as I remained very curious about the slates of wood.  She told me that the slates were from an old case clock that her great-grandfather had crafted from the family Oak tree.  She added that when her great-grandfather was a young man, this tree had been struck down by lighting, her great grand-father constructed a case clock that remained in the family up to about 10 years ago – she then presented the vintage movements that the old clock once housed.  I remarked, how sad for the tree but how wonderful that her great grand-father had resurrected the tree into a clock.  She agreed , going on to say that the tree served the family well for many years, marking the modest gravesites of her relatives.