Vintage RCA Victor 45-JY Record Player – Retro Vinyl Nostalgia

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Step back in time and experience the magic of vinyl with this stunning vintage RCA Victor 45-JY record player. Crafted with precision and style, this record player is a true testament to the golden age of audio entertainment.

Authentic Vintage Charm: The RCA Victor 45-JY boasts an iconic mid-century design that will instantly transport you to a bygone era of music. Its elegant wooden cabinet, chrome accents, and timeless craftsmanship make it a striking addition to any room.

45 RPM Records: This record player is designed to play 7-inch, 45 RPM vinyl records, allowing you to relive your favorite singles from the past. Rediscover the crackling warmth and authentic sound that only vinyl can deliver.

Easy Operation: The RCA Victor 45-JY is user-friendly, with simple controls that let you start, stop, and adjust the volume with ease. It’s a fantastic choice for both seasoned vinyl enthusiasts and those new to the world of analog audio.

Vintage Collectible: This record player is not just a functional piece of equipment but also a collector’s item. Whether you’re a vinyl aficionado or a vintage decor enthusiast, the RCA Victor 45-JY will be the centerpiece of your space.

Bring the nostalgia of yesteryears into your home with the RCA Victor 45-J record player. It’s a timeless piece that embodies the romance and authenticity of vinyl, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere or reliving cherished memories.

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of audio history. Order the RCA Victor 45-J record player today and let the music transport you to a simpler, more soulful time. It’s more than just a record player; it’s a piece of art that will make your heart sing.

Note: This vintage record player has been lovingly restored and tested to ensure it’s in excellent working condition. However, please keep in mind that due to its age, some signs of wear may be present, adding to its character and authenticity.

Condition: I am afraid that from time-to-time cosmetic blemishes may be experienced on the chassis or the case of your vintage tube radio or amplifier for which we cannot be responsible.

Please Note: This vintage player is sold as a collector’s item and required full restoration and maintenance to function optimally. It’s a beautiful decor piece on its own, but its functionality may vary with continued use.

History: The RCA 45-J is an AC operated 45 RPM record changer. The turntable is a model RP-168, which holds up to ten 7 inch fine groove records. Uses crystal pickup with medium output voltage. This model does NOT have an amplifier or speaker. Cabinet is a maroon plastic made to look like bakelite.

The RP-168 series is the first generation of 45 RPM record changers. 85 parts made it expensive in production and vulnerable in operation. Was succeeded in 1951 by the RP-190 series of much simpler design.

Excellence of Quality in Our Service and Repair

For the Player…
> Replace all wax/paper, electrolytic, out of tolerance capacitors
> Replace all out of tolerance resistors
> Replace all deteriorated wire (optionally with high voltage rated, vintage reproduction cloth covered wire where appropriate)
> Verify circuit against manufacture’s schematic
> Replace or rebuild other failed parts as needed
> Clean and lubricate all controls
> Measure voltage and signal test points to verify proper and stable operation
> Calibrate and align for sensitive tracking and accurate platter speed
> Tested (burn-in) 40 hours or more to verify proper operation

For the Cabinet…
> Strip old finish treatments and dirt as needed
> Repair and/or minimize blemishes
> Glue and clamp to strengthen loose joints
> Apply new finish and/or conditioner
> Treat with rejuvenating “Liquid” where appropriate
> Replace missing or damaged knobs

Conversion Tips
If you have “Stereo” 45’s (the 45 would have the word STEREO printed on the label) then you would want to upgrade the player to stereo which provides 2 RCA male (L/R stereo) connectors.

Selecting the MONO option would provide a single RCA connector and an adaptor that splits the single RCA connector into two RCA male (L/R mono) connectors.

The stereo conversion kit/shipping is $85 (via ebay) and the installation would require:
1) Remove and discard the old cartridge, tone arm wiring and the mute switch.
2) Carefully install the new cartridge using the original screws and new washers provided.
3) Secure the shielded tone arm wire with the original metal clips or discard the clips and use a drop of epoxy to secure to the plastic shell.
4) Install the three-terminal strip using the original mute switch mounting screw.
5) Connect the wiring. The shielded ground wire from the cartridge and from the RCA stereo connecting cable are soldered to the center terminal which grounds them to the turntable. The right and left channel wires are attached and soldered to the end terminals as shown.
6) Install the cable clamp with the included nut and washer to secure the output cable
and power cord as shown.
7) The conversion cartridge weighs just about the same as the original cartridge however I may need to “fine-tune” the counterbalance for best performance.

Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in