Vintage 1960s Seth Thomas Mantle Clock – Retrofitted with Westminster Chime Quartz Movement

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Add a touch of timeless charm to your home with this exquisite clock. This enchanting timepiece effortlessly blends the precision of a clock with the artistry of a historic masterpiece, making it the perfect addition to any decor style.

Model: Seth Thomas Mantle
Era: 1960s
Type: Retrofitted with a Westminster Chime Quartz Movement
Material: High-quality materials with a wooden case and updated metal mechanisms
Dimensions: 15″ by 11″ by 8″
Condition: Excellently preserved vintage condition, some signs of wear adding to its character

Modern Functionality: This classic clock has been thoughtfully retrofitted with a Westminster Chime Quartz Movement, combining vintage charm with modern convenience.
Reliable Timekeeping: The updated mechanism ensures accurate and maintenance-free timekeeping, perfect for today’s lifestyle.
Sustainable Choice: The battery (C-Size) operation adds an element of sustainability, reducing the need for electric power.

Classic Design: The mantle design and wooden casing reflect the authentic 1960s aesthetic, making it an attractive piece for any setting.

Historical Significance: This clock is a beautiful blend of past and present, representing the Seth Thomas Company’s legacy in horology.

Ideal For:
Retro and Vintage Decor Lovers
Collectors of Unique Timepieces
Horology Enthusiasts
Distinctive Gifting Option
Care Instructions:

Regular dusting with a soft cloth recommended.
Keep away from extreme temperature and humidity.
Battery replacement as needed, with professional assistance advised for any further modifications.

Note: This clock is a vintage item and has been retrofitted; its wear and tear add to its unique history. Review the photos for a closer look at its condition.

Enhance your space with this uniquely retrofitted Seth Thomas Mantle clock – a perfect fusion of vintage aesthetics and contemporary functionality!

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• Inspection
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• Light Case Work or Refinishing
• Hardware Alignments (Hinges and Latches)

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