Exquisite Restored Vintage Elgin 8-Day Westminster Chime Mantel Clock (350-060)

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Discover the charm and timeless elegance of this meticulously restored Vintage Elgin 8-Day Clock, boasting a delightful Westminster chime. This distinguished timepiece from the Welby Division of the Elgin National Watch Co. is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and enduring quality of German engineering.

Authentic Vintage Quality: This Elgin 8-day clock, model 350-060, proudly made in West Germany, features two jewels unadjusted, showcasing the pinnacle of clockmaking excellence.

Enchanting Westminster Chime: Experience the lovely sound of the Westminster chime every quarter hour, with a toll marking each full hour. It is a celebration of time in melodious harmony.

Precision and Elegance: This clock keeps excellent time despite its vintage nature, chiming every 15 minutes and striking on the hour.

Beautiful Wooden Case: Over the years, the clock’s Mahogany wooden case may have experienced minor chips, cracks, or scratches, as does the metal handle on top, adding nothing but character to its vintage appeal.

Glass and Face: The door’s glass and the clock’s face and hands are in excellent condition, ensuring clarity and beauty in time-telling.

Dimensions: At 13.50″ tall, 9.25″ wide, and 6.25″ deep, this clock commands presence and elegance wherever placed.

> The clock has undergone a comprehensive restoration, focusing on its aesthetic allure and mechanical integrity.
> Minor signs of wear, such as the handle’s metal finish and the top’s wood finish, speak to its vintage authenticity and rich history.

> Expertly packaged for a safe journey.
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Why Choose This Clock:
> Own a piece of horological history with unmatched charm.
> Benefit from our dedication to restoring beauty and precision to vintage timepieces.
> Enjoy the melodious chimes and tolls that enrich your home’s ambiance.

This Vintage Elgin Westminster Chime Mantel Clock is not just a method to mark the passage of time; it’s a narrative of artistry, a relic of a bygone era, restored with affection, ready to grace your home with history and harmony.

Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in