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  • In The Shop (Sound)

    On Your Radio Includes (optional items may be subject to additional costs)…
    > Replace all wax/paper, electrolytic, out of tolerance capacitors
    > Replace all out of tolerance resistors
    > Replace all deteriorated wire (optionally with high voltage rated, vintage reproduction cloth covered wire where appropriate)
    > Test all tubes
    > Test electro-dynamic or permanent magnet speaker
    > Repair ripped speaker cone or re-cone as needed (optional)
    > Verify circuit against manufacture’s schematic (optionally restore to original engineered design and factory published revisions)
    > Replace or rebuild other failed parts as needed
    > Clean dial scale and repaint indicator
    > Restring or replace dial cords
    > Clean and lubricate all controls and tuning mechanisms
    > Measure voltage and signal test points to verify proper and stable operation
    > Calibrate and align for sensitive reception and accurate dial scale tracking
    > Bench tested (burn-in) 40 hours or more to verify proper operation

    On Your Cabinet Includes (optional items may be subject to additional costs)…
    > Strip old finish treatments and dirt if needed (optional)
    > Repair and/or minimize blemishes
    > Glue and clamp to strengthen loose wood joints (optional)
    > Apply new finish and/or conditioner (optional)
    > Treat with rejuvenating Liquid Gold where appropriate
    > Treat Bakelite with restorers (optional)
    > Hand rub Paste Wax finish as appropriate (optional)
    > Replace speaker grill cloth as needed (optional)
    > Replace missing or damaged knobs (optional)

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  • In The Shop (Time)

    For Your Movement Includes…

    • Analysis
    • Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Lubrication
    • Testing (To Insure That Your Clock Keeps Time)
    • Inspection
    • Cleaning

    For Your Clock Case Includes…

    • Inspection
    • Cleaning
    • Polishing
    • Light Case Work or Refinishing (At An Additional Cost)
    • Hardware Alignments (Hinges and Latches)
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