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As we are trustworthy you can rely on us. We can be counted on to do what we say we will do. When we make commitments, we follow through on them.



We have had the rare opportunity to locally service and repair desk clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks and floor clocks…



As we continue in building on a career of personal projects repairing and building an assortment of clocks…


Customer Review

You've done an amazing job with my clock. It is in a much better shape now, and I am sure it will last us a long time. Thank you for your professional assistance, creative approach and fast solutions!

Nick J., The Colony, TX

Beautiful! I needed my radio working and I found the right technician with tools to repair my radio. I found everything worked perfectly after the service! Thank you very much for bringing back the radio of my dream!

Chris M., The Colony, TX

My amplifier issues looked to be a real problem. Thanks to you, all issues with my amplifier were fixed effectively, and I am once again annoying my neighbors with my playing.

Tony J., Lewisville, TX

Understanding the Tube Amp: Biasing the Triode

This video shows the basic effects of biasing the triode in a vacuum tube guitar amp. This is one of the simplest ways to set up the triode for proper guitar amplification. It deals with getting an output signal that is identical to our input without clipping either side of the wave form, again this is a very basic explanation.

by JJ Porterfield


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Flexible Hours
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Table Clocks
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Vintage AM Radios
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Vintage Pre-Amplifiers
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Vintage Guitar Amplifiers
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