House Calls

1 Clock
per Visit
2+ Clocks
per clock
1 Radio
per Visit
2+ Radios
per radio
Our Service activities range from minor to major to ensure a working time or sound appliance.

In the Shop

per hour
per hour
Our Repair activities range from skilled to highly skilled to deliver a working time or sound appliance.

What Make Us Stand Out

We Extend…

Flexible Hours
Full Service Shop
Fast Turn-Around
Effective Communication
Affordable Pricing

We Service…

Table Clocks
Shelf Clocks
Mantle Clocks
Wall Clocks
Floor Clocks

We Repair…

Vintage AM Radios
Vintage Phonographs
Vintage Tape Decks
Vintage Speakers
Vintage Electronics

We Restore…

Vintage Pre-Amplifiers
Vintage Amplifier Heads
Vintage Guitar Amplifiers
Vintage Bass Amplifiers
Vintage Cabinets
Short Film

Portrait of Watchmaker

A watchmaker’s job is like a surgeon. You need concentration, precision in addition to good sight and hearing.
“When a customer brings an old faulty watch that is dear to him and you manage to repair it, in a way you instilled life in the memories marked by that watch.”
by Momin Bannani

Quality Merchandise

From Small Repairs to Full Appliance Restoration

We Make a Neat Job of It All!